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These are all live songs:

01- thank god i'm a pubic hair.mp3

02- fuck karaoke.mp3

03- i can't see my dick.mp3

04- i would eat the corn out of her shit.mp3

05- mamas don't let your babies grow up to be homos.mp3

06- licking me.mp3

07- my favorite things.mp3

08- pee-wee shuffle.mp3

09- leprosy.mp3

10- cock-suckin' douche-bag.mp3

11- photo op.mp3

12- ballin'.mp3

13- brady bunch.mp3

14- rawhide.mp3

15- gang bang.mp3

16- i want a new dick.mp3

17- rodeo song.mp3

18- sesame street.mp3

19- blow me.mp3

20- when the end of the month rolls around.mp3

21- yank my doodle.mp3

These are studio songs:

Cock Suckin' Douche-Bag.wma

I Can't See My Dick Blues.wma